We all have dreams, we all have passions. Watches are one of mine. To this day, I clearly remember my father’s watch. It was, for us, the most precious watch, with crystals at the hour index, and fluorescent hands. We used to call them ‘cat eyes’, because they would glow in the dark just like cats’ eyes. He would show me the “cat eyes” at bed time, every night, and I used to fight with my sister to watch it just a second longer, before it faded away.

    From there on, my passion for watches only grew bigger. When I turned 14, my father gave me a very cool Swiss watch that he kept for me for 2 years. A classic model, he never wore it, nor gave it to me before it was time. He was letting me play with it, but never outside the house. He told me then the watch was for me, for when I was going to turn 14. It was the best gift I have ever received in my life, and I loved it, I used to wear it all the time. 20 years of passion made me decide that it was time to launch my own brand of watches, a watch that represents me: a simple, classic, elegant and resilient timepiece. So maybe we could all gather, in a ‘time’ box, the times that matter.